16th European Symposium in Group Analysis

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Isaura Manso Neto Interview

GASI Lisbon Symposium 2014

Sociedade Portuguesa de Grupanálise e Psicoterapia Analítica de Grupo The Group Analitic Society

Inaugural Event and Keynote Speakers

The Opening Event of the Symposium will take place on Monday evening, 28 July. We dedicate it to Eduardo Luis Cortesão. He brought Group Analysis to Portugal and hosted the 1st GAS Symposium in Portugal in 1970. There will be an ongoing exhibition of the life and work of E.L. Cortesão in the A Voz do Operário (VO School).

The Inaugural Address is given by António Guilherme Ferreira, a Training Group Analyst who learned and worked directly with E. L. Cortesão. He will present:
 “Group Analysis: Different Approaches - The Portuguese Contribution. A tribute to E. L. Cortesão”.

Our Keynote Plenary Speakers will introduce the theme of the day with their presentations in the morning. By sharing with us their valuable experience they will stimulate the participants to specific areas of development of group analytical psychotherapy, either through theoretical perspectives or through their relation to practice.

On Tuesday, 29 July, we have the honour to introduce to you the main subject of the Symposium Art meets Science offering the unique opportunity to witness a dialogue between two remarkable men, each one in his respective area of expertise. Both will talk about and discuss the concept "Art meets Science".

Giacomo Rizzolatti is full Professor in Human Physiology. He is one of the neuroscientists who discovered the Mirror-Neuron System, which has been a fundamental contribution to clarifying and confirming some concepts in Psychology, Psychotherapy and Group Analysis.

Eduardo Souto de Moura is an international practitioner and researcher in Architecture, who won the Pritzker Prize in 2011 and the Wolf Prize in 2013. He is also a Professor of Architecture at several universities. See abstract here.

The other Keynote Speakers are all senior training group analysts who have helped to elaborate and clarify the themes proposed. On Wednesday, 30 July, Marina Mojović speaks about “Crisis: The Matrix Disrupted”, on 31July, Kristian Valbak reflects on “Clinical Wisdom” and on the last day, 1 August, Dieter Nietzgen invites us to think about “Aesthetics and Ethics”.

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