16th European Symposium in Group Analysis

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Isaura Manso Neto Interview

GASI Lisbon Symposium 2014

Sociedade Portuguesa de Grupanálise e Psicoterapia Analítica de Grupo The Group Analitic Society




Monday 28


GV School

Meeting Accompanying Persons 15.00-15.50

VO School

Great Hall



Great Hall


GV School Exhibition Area Schoolyard

Inaugural Event

(Included in the Symposium Programme for Delegates. Accompanying persons may attend for an extra charge)


A Taste of FADO*



Opening Exhibition Eduardo Luís Cortesão

Welcome Cocktail 









Tuesday 29

Near VO School

Flee Market │ “Feira da Ladra” *


GV School

Opening Meeting Art (Delegates only)


VO School

Great Hall

Presentation: Portuguese Wine - José Maria da Fonseca    (Delegates only) 19.00-19.15

GV School


Social Gathering and Wine Tasting - José Maria da Fonseca

(Delegates only)

Wednesday 30


TOURS - Lisbon and Surroundings

Several tours will be available. Booking is required on the Symposium’s Website or at the Secretariat.

After 17.15

Thursday 31



Dinner Party and Music

(Delegates and Accompanying persons who booked online or at the Secretariat)


Friday 1


Vo School



Other Activities    

GV School

Exhibition Area

E.L.Cortesão Exhibition


GV School

Exhibition Area
Meeting Art Ongoing

GV School

Exhibition Area
Bookstall* Ongoing

GV School

Exhibition Area

Different Stands

Social Project*

* See Additional Information at the end of this chapter.



We invite all those accompanying delegates to the 16th Symposium, to a meeting with Patrícia Poppe, one of the members of the Local Organising Committee on Monday 28 July from 15.00 to 15.50 in the GV School. There you can be introduced to others in a similar position to yourself and explore together possible plans for the week. Patrícia will be on hand to guide you through cultural and entertainment prospects that will be available as well as city and transport maps.


For an extra charge all accompanying persons will be welcome to attend the Inaugural Event, on Monday evening 28 July at 17.00. This will cover the Taste of Fado and the Welcome Cocktail as well as the Inaugural Lecture by António Guilherme Ferreira which will be a tribute to Eduardo Luís Cortesão the founding father of the Portuguese Society of Group Analysis. You may register for this Inaugural Event and Keynote Lecture on the website or the Secretariat.


By booking either on our website or at the Secretariat, where all information will be available, you can enrol with extra charge for several other events of the Symposium - you are welcome to attend any of the morning Keynote Lectures that capture your interest as well as the Dinner Party on Thursday evening 31 July or any of the Tours of the Social Programme.


We look forward to seeing you at the 16th Symposium and supporting you in the challenge of visiting Lisbon and surroundings.



The title “ART meets SCIENCE” lends itself for expression of creativity. So we are fortunate to have in the GV School for the duration of the Symposium several “Art Meeting Points”, where Art meets You and you’ll meet Art.


In the exhibition area you can find on display photos of artistic work of participants of the 16th Symposium.


At any time during the Symposium you can become creative whenever you feel like it. Painting and writing material will be available, so you can transform your thoughts and impressions into creative group mural paintings. You can also play music or sing.


Young Artists are present with their work interacting with delegates.





Fado’s origin is unknown; historians believe Fado is a multicultural blending of songs brought by successive waves of internal immigration and Portuguese homesick sailors; its musical patterns came from the early nineteenth century, probably influenced by, African slave songs and ancient Moorish.


Happening spontaneously, Fado usually takes place in convivial and leisure moments, both indoors or outdoors. Fado is a performance genre incorporating music and poetry, usually performed by a solo singer, male or female, traditionally accompanied by a wire-strung acoustic guitar and the Portuguese guitarra – a pear-shaped lute with twelve wire strings, unique to Portugal, which also has an extensive solo repertoire.


Singing the daily narratives, fado lyrics are taken from a set of classical poems, and some are simply a part of the oral tradition. Fado is profoundly related to social contexts and basic human feelings and emotions, like sadness and loss, unrequited love, jealousy, and in particular is related with “saudade”. “Saudade” is a portuguese word which has no translation into English, roughly meaning "nostalgic feelings" or "homesickness", but implying a bittersweet longing.


Fado is performed professionally on the concert circuit and in small ‘Fado houses’, and by amateurs in numerous grass-root associations located throughout older neighbourhoods of Lisbon.


Fado, Lisbon’s mournful song and the Portuguese most traditional and well known music genre, was added to UNESCO’s list of World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.



“Feira da Ladra” is Lisbons legendary flea market, located by the National Pantheon, on Campo de Santa Clara; the best way to enter there is through the arch ‘Arco de São Vicente’ where tram 28 stops.


Feira da Ladra dates back to the XIII century; it is the oldest known city fair. There you can buy used items, bric-a-brack, antiques and handcrafts; find some bargains and in between, some oddities.


It’s also the place where many young people use to sell stuff they don’t use anymore or some family’s brics, so they get some extra pocket money.


Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price. It’s part of the game and if you don’t, you’ll pay far too much.


The market is held every Tuesday and Saturday, from 6.00 to 18.00.



Several editors will run bookstalls at the 16th Symposium and books from individual authors will be available as well for purchase in the bookstall.



REKLUSA is a Portuguese social project created by a private nonprofit organization, whose aim is to promote and support the professional and social reintegration of inmates and former inmates.


REKLUSA will have a Stand at the exhibition area of the Symposium where beautiful bags manufactured by female inmates are sold and whose proceeds will help these inmates to be self-sustainable and start a new life in the “outside world”.


Social Programme
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