16th European Symposium in Group Analysis

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Isaura Manso Neto Interview

GASI Lisbon Symposium 2014

Sociedade Portuguesa de Grupanálise e Psicoterapia Analítica de Grupo The Group Analitic Society

Symposium Themes

We have the pleasure to introduce you to the academic programme.
As announced the academic programme will take place during the afternoon always with two sets (A and B) except on Wednesday 30 July, with only one set (Set A). Set A lasts 90 minutes and Set B 60 minutes.
The Local Organising Committee carefully grouped and allocated the abstracts to each day according to the subthemes - whenever it was possible. 
This complex task was supervised by Cesar Dinis member of the Scientific Committee. 

Each day has an overall theme and various sub-themes and all presentations are allocated according to that.
Art meets Science | Tuesday, 29 July 2014
* Art meets Science: Why does it matter?
* Conducting as Art and/or Science
* Group Analysis and Neurosciences
* Group Analytic Art Therapies
Crisis: The Matrix Disrupted | Wednesday, 30 July 2014
* Accommodating / Adapting / Evolving Group analysis in Different Contexts
* Foundation Matrix and the Social Unconscious
* Disruptive Forces in Individuals, Groups, Organizations and in Societies
* The Implication of Globalization…
Clinical Wisdom | Thursday, 31 July 2014
* Treatment Guidelines or Individual Artistry?
* Questioning Group Analytic Assumptions
* Clinical Skills and Knowledge
* Counter-transference and Empathy in Group Analysis
* Dreaming in Group Analysis
* Training in Group Analysis: “Best Practice” or “Growing Wisdom”?
* The Impact of the Group Analyst
Aesthetics and Ethics | Friday, 1 August 2014
* Quality of Life and Well Being through Group Analysis
* Sex and Gender in Group Analysis
* Ethics in the Group Analytic Process
* Is there a “Gold Standard Rule” in Group Analysis?
* Love, Hate, Playing and Desire
* Ending Group Analysis - Aesthetic Achievement?
Exploring Challenges and Changes will be ongoing every day sub-themes.
There are somewhere between 10 and 18 parallel events on each set divided in Subplenaries (SP), Panel of Papers (PP), Paper Presentations (PA), Workshops (WS) and Supervision Groups (SU). 
All presentations should be in English. No other languages will be accepted.

The Sub-Plenaries (SP) are oral presentations with audiovisual support.
The presenters have 30 minutes of oral delivery, followed by a 20 minute discussion prepared by a discussant nominated by the Scientific Committee.
Afterwards the audience will have about 30 minutes to dialogue with the presenters and the Chair will have 10 minutes to summarize the main issues brought to attention. Exceptions to this framework are duly marked on the Programme.
Panel of Panels
Panels of Papers (PP) are a kind of contribution where the authors, leaded by a Chair of their choice, assembled three papers on the same theme. They will have 20 minutes to present, followed by a 15 minute discussion delivered by a discussant nominated by the Scientific Committee.  The remaining 15 minutes will be used to dialogue with the audience.
Individual Papers
The Paper Presentations Sessions (PA) may last 90 minutes if they have three presenters (Set A) or 60 minutes if they have two presenters (Set B). Each presenter will have 20 minutes of oral delivery. The time remaining will be for the discussion with the audience coordinated by a Chair appointed by the Scientific Programme Team. Every author was advised to bring some kind of written support (handouts, power point) preferentially the whole text.  

Workshops (WS) have a more experiential contribution and presenters are supposed to encourage the audience to share thoughts and experiences in a more informal way. Workshops may last just one Set (A or B) or can go across the two sessions (Set A + Set B).
Some workshops cater for up to 20 people and others cater for 20 to 40 participants. 

Poster Exhibition
The Posters (PO) are not allocated in any particular set as they will be on exhibition throughout the Symposium.
The Poster Exhibition will take place daily from 29 July to 1 August, from 10.30 to 17.15h on the second floor.

The Best Poster - according to the evaluation of a jury named by the SC: Angela Sordano, João Melo and Steinar Lorentzen - will be awarded with the amount of 250 euros. 
The Posters Award winner will be announced after Friday´s Keynote Lecture on 1 August.

All poster presentations should be in English. No other languages will be accepted.
Each poster should include the title (preferably at the top), as well as the names and affiliations of the authors.
Posters must not exceed the following dimensions (A0 Size): 841mm (width) x 1189 mm (height).
Posters should be printed in one single piece.

Poster presenters are kindly requested to mount and dismount their posters during the period mentioned below.
Symposium staff will be available to assist with poster fixing materials.
Please note that all posters which have not been removed by the author until 17.00h on Friday, 1 August, will automatically be discarded.

Poster mounting timetable
Monday, 28 July, 14.00 – 16.00h
Poster dismounting timetable 
Friday, 1 August, 16.30 – 17.00h
Supervision Groups
Supervision Groups (SU) are up to 10 participants and are all in Set A (90 minutes). The Supervisors were invited by the Scientific Committee for their knowledge, training skills and clinical expertise. They come from different countries and societies. These groups give the participants the possibility of sharing clinical work with colleagues from several countries and experience different ways of supervision. The participants who enrolled online in these groups should be prepared  to present clinical material and/or some specific supervision situations. In case there are many members who wish to present the supervisor and the group will choose in loco the presentations. Each supervisor will conduct one group for one day only. Depending on the participants’ interest in these groups there may be one to three Supervision Groups working every day. 
You will be required to sign up in advance for the Workshops and the Supervision Groups. 
Every day the programme concerning the Workshops (WS) and Supervision Groups (SU) will be on display next to the Secretariat.
Participants are invited to enrol according to their preference in one of these events by writing their name in the sheets.
Suplenaries and panel or paper presentations are of open attendance.
The Programme will be online until July 15. When you arrive you may already have some preferences. 

All the rooms have audiovisual facilities. Nevertheless, if you have some specific requests please make sure that they can be arranged by contacting the local organising agency.
Only MS-PowerPoint (*.ppt and *.pptx) presentations are accepted. Make sure that you upload all files (videos) required to run your presentation.
Please bring a backup copy of your PowerPoint presentation to the venue (a USB pen drive is a good idea). 
Be sure you deliver your material on time so it can be properly allocated to your room´s computer for your presentation.
All uploaded presentations will be deleted from the storage disks after the end of the symposium. Handouts or any other printed materials are of your responsibility. 

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