16th European Symposium in Group Analysis

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Isaura Manso Neto Interview

GASI Lisbon Symposium 2014

Sociedade Portuguesa de Grupanálise e Psicoterapia Analítica de Grupo The Group Analitic Society

President and Chair´s Acknowledgements

Dear Colleagues and Friends who attended the Lisbon’s 16th GASI Symposium in Group Analysis,

It is time to say farewell and to thank you All for coming and participating.

Although it is still too early to evaluate the deeper results in our minds of what we experienced and learnt, we may say that it was a high level and dynamic scientific event which we All contributed to. Therefore we ho hope that You have felt that it was worthwhile to have coming and spent energy and money with it. Moreover, we sincerely hope that You have felt a nice social and esthetical atmosphere throughout the event both in the venue and in Lisbon.

We would like to make a synthetic information about the whole event as it is difficult to look at the whole while we are attending, thinking and feeling about what is going on near us.

The LOC began to work in this project in 2009.

A formal proposal was presented to the GAS MC in 2010.

A first announcement was made in London, during the 15th GAS Symposium.

We do believe we did a good work together.


Robi Friedman

President of GASI

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