16th European Symposium in Group Analysis

President and Chair´s Acknowledgements

Dear Colleagues and Friends who attended the Lisbon’s 16th. GASI Symposium in Group Analysis,

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Local Organising Committee´s Acknowledgements

The GASI and the SPGPAG gratefully acknowledge the contributions and support of the following in the Symposium:

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Isaura Manso Neto Interview

GASI Lisbon Symposium 2014

Sociedade Portuguesa de Grupanálise e Psicoterapia Analítica de Grupo The Group Analitic Society

The Portugese Contribution: a tribute to E. L. Cortesao

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A Neural Mechanism for Understanding Actions and Emotions

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The Matrix Disrupted: exploring challenges and changes

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Svein response

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Clinical Wisdom

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Night Train To Lisbon

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Inaugural Event and Keynote Speakers

The Opening Event of the Symposium will be on Monday evening, the 28 July. We dedicate it to Eduardo Luis Cortesão. He brought Group Analysis to Portugal and hosted the 1st GAS Symposium in Portugal in 1970. There will be an ongoing exhibition of the life and work of E.L. Cortesão in the A Voz do Operário (VO School).

Show your Art - Art on Display

We cordially invite all the Symposium participants to take part on the 16th International Symposium’s Art Exhibition Show your Art - Art on Display.

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